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Justin Gaethje's Wise Advice: A Closer Look at Why He Urges Poirier and Himself to Avoid a Rematch


The sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) relies on passionate rivalries, spectacular clashes, and dramatic rematches. Occasionally, however, a fighter arises with a worldview that goes beyond the ordinary thirst for glory and vengeance. Justin Gaethje, a well-known lightweight contender in the MMA world, recently made news when he advised his fellow fighter, Dustin Poirier, to avoid the temptation of a rematch. This unusual stance begs the question: why would Gaethje, a fighter known for his unyielding determination, oppose a rematch between two great athletes? In this article, we investigate the motivations behind Justin Gaethje's suggestion and consider the broader consequences for the sport.

Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje are two of the most experienced and interesting fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight division. Their paths intersected in 2018, when they faced off in a thrilling fight that culminated with Poirier's fourth-round knockout victory. The fight demonstrated their heart, ability, and resolve, and fans have been clamoring for a rematch ever since.

In the modern day, both combatants have continued to carve their legacies. Poirier won the interim lightweight title and, ultimately, the undisputed title, while Gaethje remained a prominent contender with his powerful hitting and relentless approach. Despite their separate trajectories, the notion of a rematch has remained enticing.

Justin Gaethje, who is known for his warrior mindset and readiness to tackle any challenge head on, raised eyebrows when he encouraged Dustin Poirier to avoid a rematch. Because of its sophisticated perspective on the sport and the fighters' careers, this unexpected advise, delivered in an interview, held weight.

Health and Longevity: Gaethje's first point centers around the physical toll that intense battles can take on fighters. He emphasized the importance of preserving one's health and longevity in the sport, recognizing that battles inside the octagon can have lasting effects on a fighter's well-being. Gaethje's concern for Poirier's health and his own reflects a mature perspective that transcends the immediate desire for a rematch.

Legacy and Progression: Gaethje also pointed out that the sport of MMA is about progression and growth. Rather than revisiting a past rivalry, fighters should focus on new challenges and opportunities that contribute to their legacy. This perspective aligns with Gaethje's ambition to test himself against different opponents and reach new heights in his career.

Friendship and Respect: Beyond the sport, Gaethje and Poirier share a mutual respect and even a friendship. Gaethje's advice reflects his desire to preserve this bond and avoid unnecessary animosity that can arise from revisiting a rivalry. This stance emphasizes the camaraderie that can exist between fighters despite the inherent competition.

The unexpected advise Justin Gaethje gave to Dustin Poirier not to pursue a rematch sheds light on the multidimensional nature of MMA and the mindset of elite fighters. Gaethje's emphasis on health, advancement, and sustaining strong connections demonstrates a broader view that extends beyond the pursuit of immediate fame. While a rematch may be appealing, Gaethje's advise encourages fighters to evaluate the long-term consequences of their decisions and to approach their careers with a balance of competitiveness and contemplation. As the MMA scene changes, fighters like Gaethje continue to affect the sport not only via their actions in the ring, but also through their intelligent thoughts on the sport's dynamics.

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